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Reporting options

Remember that you have a right to report the incident officially.  The university encourages students and employees to report these crimes, but the decision is up to the person who has been sexually assaulted.  (Note:  In the case of child abuse, or when a physician treats a wound or injury due to rape, state law requires certain disclosures be made to law enforcement or child protective services.)

  • Reporting to the USC Department of Public Safety (213-740-4321) or  your local law enforcement agency (911) will begin a criminal investigation. Please note that DPS is not permitted to investigate allegations of sexual assault, so all reports of sexual assault filed with DPS will be forwarded to the Los Angeles Police Department (911 or 213-485-2582). You also have the right to report to LAPD directly.
  • Reporting to the Office of the Title IX Coordinator (213-740-5086) will begin an investigation into whether the accused student violated the student conduct code as detailed in SCampus. The Office of the Title IX Coordinator investigates complaints of student-on-student sexual assault as well as other forms of sexual misconduct.
  • Reporting to the USC Office of Equity and Diversity (213-740-5086) will begin an investigation to determine whether a staff or faculty member, or other member of our university community, has violated university policies related to sexual harassment, sexual assault, and other forms of sexual misconduct. The Office of Equity and Diversity has offices at both UPC and HSC.
  • Reporting to a Campus Security Authority will result in anonymous data collection that will be included in an annual statistical report, if the incident meets the geographic and other criteria established by the government under the federal Clery Act. This extra step is not needed if an incident has been reported to DPS, SJACS or the Office of Equity and Diversity.

Other assistance available to you:

  • You may speak with a counselor confidentially in the Sexual Assault Resource Center/Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention and Services (213-740-4900) or in Student Counseling Services (213-740-7711). Disclosing an incident to a counselor is neither an official report of the incident nor does it notify a staff member recognized by the university as a Campus Security Authority. Contacting Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention and Services is one way to learn more your reporting options and your rights, to ask for a professional counselor to accompany you when filing a report, or to receive emotional support.
  • You may also consult with the university’s Title IX Coordinator, Gretchen Dahlinger Means, to learn more about your reporting options and your rights. She can be reached through the Office of Equity and Diversity, at (213) 740-5086.  She can assist you in filing an official report.

Flowchart – Sexual Assault_Support and Reporting Options